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That Freaking Volcano

There’s something I never thought I’d say…

Yesterday Salajander said, “No plans survive first contact with the enemy. In this case our fantastic trip is the enemy.” Ha!

Let me rewind the a bit. Yesterday was the one week countdown. Very exciting! The day started with me checking our various booked hotels to see if any of the prices had dropped. Two of them had – significantly. Huzzah! What a great Monday…until I started looking at Tripadvisor to do some additional last minute research on the cities we are visiting. Our first destination is Bali and almost the entire first full page of discussion topics were related to Mount Agung. Now don’t get me wrong, we already knew about the volcanic activity because we got an email via the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (recommended highly joining), but reading the threads it sounded like it was getting significantly worse with an eruption imminent.

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Come Along For The Ride

We’ve finally gotten this blog together, and just in time! Our big trip begins in a week and a half to Asia. That’s very strange to see written out as I’ve been planning this trip for so long it’s hard to believe it’s finally here.

The Numbers

Countries:                                           4
Cities:                                                  15
Flights:                                                14
Longest Stay:                                     7 nights (only once)
Shortest Stay:                                    1 night (only once)
Hotels:                                                14
Overnight Boats:                              2
Length of Trip:                                  8.5 weeks

We will be updating as WiFi allows. I’ve read bad things about Bali WiFi, so you might not get any updates until we get to our second destination. I was thinking of listing out everywhere we are going, but it might be more fun for you to discover it as we are discovering the actual destination. So first up, Bali.

Are we insane for doing this, or is it the best decision we’ve ever made? Stay tuned!