Ho Chi Mihn, Masterpiece Trip 2017, Saigon, Vietnam

Good Grief We’re Back In It (Da Lat -> Saigon Transfer Day)

We woke up and one of the first things Sal said was, “I think I’m going to have to go to the dentist in Saigon.” YIKES. Do you remember when I pointed out two Da Lat dental offices to him, but it wasn’t bothering him that much? Well, it had apparently gotten worse, poor guy. So I emailed the Saigon hotel and asked for help finding a dentist and Sal researched our travel insurance coverage. We then to our last communal breakfast at Dreams Hotel. I really liked the setup of a communal breakfast for the most part; it’s only slightly awkward if it’s two of you at a table with everyone else who knows each other. Mrs. Dung from the hotel had set up the taxi transfer for us and the driver was early, which I liked. Sal was running a tiny bit slowly, so of course I was getting slightly nervous. I really like to get to the airport early rather than stress about getting there on time. As usual, though, my stress was for naught because we got there in plenty of time and even had time for a coffee/diet coke. We again had to be bussed to the plane and we were jam packed in there. It was worse than the subway, I swear. And these normally kind and generous Vietnamese people really shove themselves in front of you in these situations. They don’t seem to follow the normal queue rules, which must drive the British crazy when they visit.

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