Let’s Try This Again?

I know I’ve been horribly absent and never finished the Japan trip. I’m sorry! Maybe some day? I also have a New Zealand trip to include at some point if I can get my act together…

But this post is because I’m getting ready to depart for our first big trip (KENYA!) since all the madness started and I’m wondering if anyone is interested in reading about it? I’ll have to take notes daily, and then upload it when I get home as where I am going will have limited/no WiFi.

Please comment if you are interested, otherwise I will just post some pics on Instagram.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again?”

    1. OK. If I get 3 responses that say they want me to, I will! It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun to do. If not, I’ll just send you some pictures and tell you some stories LOL.


      1. Absolutely would love to hear all about your trip! Especially for those of us who live/travel vicariously through our children.

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