Masterpiece Trip 2017, Mia Chau, Pu Luong, Vietnam

Chopsticks & Rice Terraces (Mai Chau -> Pu Luong Transfer Day)

We got to sleep in a bit, as the next place we were visiting, Pu Luong, was only about 90 minutes away from Mai Chau. My stomach was bothering me. When traveling like this it’s very hard to pinpoint if you’re fighting something off or ate something bad. I may have been dehydrated. Anyway, it wasn’t good so I took some medicine and hoped for no squatty potties if we didn’t make it to the hotel in time!

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Masterpiece Trip 2017, Mia Chau, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Bad Juju (Ninh Binh -> Mai Chau Transfer Day)

We woke up early and stiff from the bed. Sal felt a little better, though, so that was good. We had banana pancakes for breakfast, which is fried dough with bananas and honey. It was yummy.  

img_20171117_0753401243699209653645528.jpgOf course there was fresh fruit because there’s always fresh fruit. You can’t beat the fresh fruit on this side of the planet.

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