Masterpiece Trip 2017, Saigon, Vietnam

AO Show (Saigon Day One)

We were back in Saigon for a few nights and this was the last stop of our amazing holiday, so it was a bit bittersweet. We took it easy for most of the day.  We went to the tailor to try on our custom-made clothing. I had a dress and Sal had a shirt and a sports coat. I tried the dress on and thought it was just OK; I didn’t really notice it being any better than something I’d buy off the rack. The tailor saw it and saw where it needed to be taken in. He used pins and chalk and I have to say it did look better afterward, even with just the pins. Fitted is very nice!

Early that evening we went for happy hour drinks at a rooftop bar at a fancy hotel. I’m not going to link it because I don’t think it was even worth the price, and it wasn’t really all that high up. Hey Mom – they had this store in it, so I took a pic for you:

img_20171128_162022-13971405128459267135.jpgThe drinks at the bar were crazy expensive. Western prices hurt after you’re used to cheap cheap. Oh well, I guess it prepped us for going home.

img_20171128_1708287198166762059953799.jpgimg_20171128_1628244948192685878908633.jpgThat night we went to see the AO Show, which has been compared to Cirque. I found it quite interesting, however the Germans in back of us would not stop talking at the end and it was rude and distracting. I took German back in high school, but I can only remember how to say three things: 1) What Is That? 2) It Is Cold Outside. 3) Where is Anna’s Sister? I guess maybe somehow I could have gotten #1 to work, but I just turned around to look at them. It didn’t help any; it was pretty dark.

Obviously we couldn’t take pics in the show, but they came out after and did a little song. Here is a video.

On their website the creator of Cirque is very complimentary and said:

This is the most extraordinary show I’ve seen in quite a while. Tuan Le has captured this culture and elevated my theater-going experience by taking me on a journey of beauty, love and time.

Cirque Director, Cirque Du Soleil, Los Angeles.

I read that and wondered if I had seen a different show than Stefan. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but not extraordinary IMO. I do remember at one point someone had their mask on upside-down (not on purpose; that was a different part of the show). Maybe Stefan is so busy with his own show he doesn’t get to see other productions very often, or maybe he’s just very kind. It was different and you didn’t have to speak the language to understand the story, which I guess *is* like a Cirque show.

After the show it started sprinkling, which isn’t a horrible thing and cools the city off a little. We found a rooftop bar and somehow found Times Square.


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