Indonesia, Masterpiece Trip 2017

Campuhan Ridge Walk, Karsa Spa, and Crispy Duck (Bali, Day 2)

The only thing we had planned for the day was a few treatments at the #1 Spa in Ubud. I had read that there was an easy ridge walk you could do to get to the spa. Clearly my version of easy and the author’s version are completely different animals. At the end of the walk it told me I had completed 28 flights of stairs – so several hills. It was about 5 degrees hotter than the walk we did to town the day before, and that really made a difference. This time there was no rain and there were fewer clouds. Hot! Thank goodness for my trusty umbrella. It really helps with the heat and I don’t care how silly I look. This walk seems to be more popular with the tourists than the one yesterday, but the views were just as beautiful. Time to walk!

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