Masterpiece Trip 2017, Singapore

Flowers & Pools (Singpore Day Three)

We woke up to rain. We had planned to go to the Orchid gardens, so decided to wait it out a bit to see if the weather would change. We went down for breakfast, which was tasty as usual, then headed back to the room. Still raining. Decided to pack a bit, and wait to see if it would stop. It eventually did, so we headed out. We stopped by the concierge desk on the way to see if any part of the gardens was indoors. Nope, just the gift shop. The good news was that they had free tickets through the hotel Orchid gardens. Anything free in this country is greatly appreciated, because it’s New York expensive. When you go from spending under $10 for a lunch, then go back to western food and prices and it’s 10 times that much, saving any dollars feels like a minor victory. I think I mentioned it, but in case I didn’t, we used the Klook app a few times to save on admission tickets. It was very easy to use and I highly recommend it.

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