Masterpiece Trip 2017, Planning

Holy Crap. It’s Happening.

It’s surreal to me that after planning this trip for so many months the time has finally come. Yesterday I worked on setting reminders on my phone for things that need following up during this mammoth adventure and so far there are 36. Please don’t let me lose my phone. There’s a lot of moving parts to this trip, and I’m so paranoid that I’ve forgotten something vital. Like Santa, I’m checking my lists twice (and thrice).

Our first flight is 16 hours long. That’s a new record for us, edging out South Africa by an hour. And yes, friends, at some point I *will* get the Africa pics and posts up here, as well. Unfortunately that’s looking like 2018. Oops! So that’s why we are trying to stay on top of this huge trip and post as we go; it’s too hard to catch up later on.

So the plan will be to post about each destination we visit, with pics. There might also be additional pics posted to Instagram when we don’t have time or bandwidth for a full post. We’ll do our best.

Goals for this trip:

  • Safety
  • Good health
  • Everything else is a bonus

We have some fantastic things planned. Come along for the ride!



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