EVA Air, Masterpiece Trip 2017

EVA Air Review; JFK -> TPE Royal Laurel Class

On a 16 hour flight there is no way on God’s green earth that I can fly in economy. Especially on an Asian airline where the leg room is even more limited. Thank goodness for frequent flyer miles. As soon as the big trip was a glimmer of an idea we started saving miles any way we could. 85,000 miles (each way) and many months later, here we are. We’d never flown on EVA air before, but I’d only read good things.

Living in Jersey, flying out of JFK is a pain. The commute can be anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours, depending on traffic, so it makes planning difficult. We budgeted extra time to be safe, and got there in less than an hour because it was later at night. Here is a brief review.

Check-in: Check-in was quick. The attendant spoke rapidly, and it was already late, so I understood about 50% of what she said. Security had the normal frustrations that occur when you don’t have TSA pre-check (and even when you do have it sometimes). It was very unorganized and somehow I set off the body scanner alarm, but nobody seemed to care.

Lounge: EVA Air Business Class customers get a pass to use the Lufthansa lounge. I didn’t eat anything, but Salajander said the food was actually decent. They were having some sort of Oktoberfest celebration, with bratwurst. There were plenty of comfortable leather seats, but they did not include power stations. There was free alcohol.

Boarding: Regular boarding started about 30 minutes before the flight was scheduled to take off, which seemed a bit odd, but ended up working out just fine and we left on time. They are well organized. A glass of cava to toast the beginning of our trip!

00000IMG_00000_BURST20171003005853_COVER.jpgOn Board: They have mood lighting and little stars on the ceiling, which is oddly pleasant and relaxing. Also a piece of art.

IMG_20171003_014029.jpgI think the seats could use more padding and they weren’t as wide as American carriers. I eventually got used to it, but for about the first hour I wondered how in the world I would sit on that uncomfortable seat for 16 hours. Also, there doesn’t seem to be very much storage space. The setup is such that all of the seats, even the middle ones, are very private. Another first for us was that we received pajamas – comfy! The safety video was cute:


IMG_20171003_012314.jpgI slept for a total of 7 hours, which for me is very good on a plane.


I was slightly concerned that there wouldn’t be a big selection of movies in English, but there were many to choose from. There was also TV, music, and games. Plenty of while away your time on the plane.

Food: Pro Tip: pre-order your food on the EVA website. My dinner was the best I’ve had on a plane:  lobster and champagne. It was tasty – especially with the noodles.

00001IMG_00001_BURST20171003024554_COVER.jpgMore random food shots – it was all very good:

On-Board Service: Soon after getting settled, one of the flight attendants came by and asked me what my name was and how to spell it. She then introduced herself, which I couldn’t understand. I thought ‘how in the world am I going to be able to pronounce that one?’. I then looked at her name tag and it read ‘Cindy’. Hahaha. I believe this is a sign of things to come on this trip! Overall service on-board was quick, friendly, and polite.

Overall:  I very much enjoyed flying on EVA Royal Laurel Class and if it’s an option in the future, I”m taking it.

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