Masterpiece Trip 2017, Singapore

Tea Appreciation Class and Merlion Madness (Singapore Day One)

We had a lovely sleep in this morning – over 9 hours! Clearly we were needed it.

After we got up, we had breakfast in the hotel (included in price). It was tasty, and I’ve never been so happy to see real bacon in my life. I can’t quit you, bacon. We got back to the room and listened to the Yankees game, where they ended up losing. Boo! Luckily we were forced to stop listening and leave before the loss so we could get to our event for the day: the Tea Appreciation Workshop at Yixing Xuan Teahouse. We learned about tea and how to prepare it the traditional Chinese way. We both found it very interesting and well done. This is the traditional serving size:

img_20171021_115100643083277212773322.jpgIt’s like a huge thimble size! You pour it in the tall one to smell, then pour it from that one to the smaller one to drink. The tea was very good, with no sugar or milk added. That’s a big no no. If the leaves are good you do not need to dilute the tea flavor with such atrocities! We watched and sampled for a bit, then we had a small group of five that got to prepare two different teas ourselves. I highly recommend Yixing Xuan and this class. We bought some tea and got some free cups. I have no idea how we’re going to fit it in our luggage…might be leaving some non-necessities in Singapore!

img_20171021_1057397031802668057758879.jpgimg_20171021_1142263498104137500223587.jpgimg_20171021_1221397351474884961703889.jpgAfter our class, we decided to go to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. It got high ratings on TripAdvisor, and was free. The inside was very ornate and interesting. Here are some pics:


Each zodiac sign has a guardian angel, so there was one of these for each of the signs talking about who the guardian angel was, characteristics under this sign, etc..
This made me think of my niece, who loves ellies.


This thing was a bit like a crystal ball, or something. People would pray first, then they’d lay hands on the ball. No idea.

We decided to head to the water to see what we could find, and saw some interesting things on the way.  

img_20171021_13312561061533071669533.jpgimg_20171021_1332482727572877708605813.jpgimg_20171021_1326253170239591191257550.jpg00001img_00001_burst20171021134655_cover8459011899887306277.jpgimg_20171021_1352592449103124304055451.jpgFor a big city, there is a lot of green. They find ways to even incorporate it in the buildings. Check out that building in back of Sal.

When we got to the water we decided to stop for drinks and lunch, and got our first good view of the spaceship

img_20171021_1409294973540276427658083.jpgReally looks funky.  It was at this time we looked up the weather, because we were sweltering:

download_20171021_1550582061172982053960670.jpgWe ate our lunch, then continued our walk and taking pics of the interesting skyline and art.


Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20171021150542.gifimg_20171021_150839328716486586302208.jpgWe made it all the way to the Merlion, and of course that was the most crowded place we’ve been so far–even more crowded than the mall food court.

Wait a minute… I thought this was supposed to be quite big?
There we go.
Yes, I made it spit in Sal’s ear.

img_20171021_1520178744266428926026399.jpgimg_20171021_1524536836334819185261420.jpgWhen I’d had it with the crowds, we took a cheap Uber back to the hotel and hung out by the pool reading and recharging. It was overcast, so it cooled off, thank goodness. You guys: Singapore heat is no joke. Yowza.

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