Indonesia, Masterpiece Trip 2017, Yogyakarta

Half Day Tour Bird Market (Jogja Day Two)

Although we had originally thought we’d like to do two full day tours and take one day off, we decided at the last minute to add another ½ day tour with Ibot. Our first stop was a bakery-type place where we got some good pastries – some savory, some sweet – for breakfast. It was 1/10 the price of the hotel breakfast the day before and equally tasty.

Our first stop was the water palace, Taman Sari. You can click the link to read more about it. It would not be an attraction here without either crafts people or hawkers. 

This man was creating this out of some sort of soft wood.


Our admission also covered the other buildings that were relatively close, including the underground mosque. Now when you first enter they ask if you want a guide, and we said no. I regret that decision, because although they give you literature on each of the sites, they don’t provide any sort of map. We were walking along what seemed to be back alleys, but then would come upon the sites. Thank goodness Sal was with me or I surely would still be wandering along there right now. It was sort of tricky. Also, thank goodness for Google Maps.

Some of these next pics might be disturbing to some readers. We went to the bird market next. This place has mixed reviews. If you are an animal lover, it’s hard to see the animals packed into cages, etc. Although I don’t agree you should be able to sell, say, a monkey…I still found the market very fascinating. I have never seen so many birds in one place in my life. Nic, you would definitely avoid this one…

I wonder if the colored ones are proud or humiliated.


The free pigeon is one (or a combination) of the following: 1) stupid, 2) a jerk rubbing it in that he’s on the outside, 3) trying to unsuccessfully break his buddy out
Not sure what this was


Not sure what these were, either, but clearly one was the favorite
He may have been tied up, but he was friendly and waved back to us

img_20171018_1137337869823085422774964.jpgimg_20171018_113809929119828292079898.jpgIbot once again took us to an Indonesian restaurant with some very tasty food at extremely reasonable prices. We had an appetizer, two mains, and three beverages for under $7. Wow. This is why we can afford an 8+ week trip; it’s much more expensive at home!

After lunch we went to the Shadow Puppet museum. It was $0.75 for two and wonderfully air conditioned. Worth it.

And after that we decided to go back to the hotel and just relax by the pool, then have some happy hour drinks. We are trying to pace ourselves so we don’t burn out. We are only ¼ of the way through our trip.

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